Private Pilot

The Private Pilot license is your first certificate required whether you are interested in pursuing a career as a pilot, wanting to earn an advanced rating such as an instrument rating, or just looking for the joy of flying the many different kinds of General Aviation aircraft available to the private pilot.

With your Private Pilots license in hand, any airport becomes your destination.

There are 2 parts to obtaining your Private Pilot’s Certificate – ground and flight training.  For ground training, you can take an online Cessna Flight Training course.  Your flight instructor will spend time with you reviewing your ground training progress and will authorize you to take the FAA written test.

Flight training will be scheduled based on yours and your flight instructor’s availability.  It is most efficient, both cost and time wise to try to fly 2 or 3 times a week.  The minimum flight time required by the regulations is 40 hours, however very few people complete all the requirements in that short of time.  The average flight time for new students is closer to 65 flight hours. Students not only need to meet the FAA minimum flight time requirements, but they must also achieve the proficiency needed to pass the practical test.

The cost of obtaining your Pilots License or any advanced rating is mostly determined by your flight time and instruction requirements.  Aircraft rental and instructors are billed by the hour, and this will determine the bulk of the overall cost for you to obtain your license.

Aircraft rental costs vary with the type of aircraft as well as other factors.  Please contact us for the most current aircraft rental charges.

There are a few additional costs outside of flight and ground instruction which would include an FAA Medical examination, the FAA Knowledge Test (written exam) and the cost of the FAA Flight Check-Ride at the end of your training.  Most students also elect to purchase personal accessories such as an Aviation Headset.