Steve Rodriguez

Director for Intelligence and Security

Mr. Rodriguez has more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement and security operations as an operator, trainer, supervisor, and manager in domestic and international counterterrorism training. His specialized skills include course design, interpersonal communications, team development, and creating partnerships with diverse organizations. He is an internationally recognized operator and trainer who bridges theory with reality to produce workable solutions to complex problems. He has vast experience with numerous achievements as a law enforcement officer include: Special Weapons and Tactics supervisor Albuquerque Police department (Ret.), project manager with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), branch manager for the Department of State (DoS) Anti-terrorism Assistance Program (ATAP), and work at the Department of Energy (DOE) National Training Center (NTC). Through his work, he is shaped the policy and procedures of first responder use at the local, national and international level.   Mr. Rodriguez holds “Q” level security clearance.

Mr. Rodriguez holds an Airman Certificate for: Airplane / Single Engine – Land, Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and has flown surveillance missions as a Tactical Flight Officer using direct observation and electro optical equipment. He has experience doing command and control for ground and support units during high risk, fast paced operations both day and night. The preceding experience, as well as others currently facilitates his participation in United States national security programs both domestically and internationally.

Law enforcement and security managers find his unique mix of experience in the Albuquerque Police Department serving in Field Services, DWI Unit, K-9, Special Weapons and Tactics, and Special Investigations. He remains active in many areas of police and anti-terrorism training to include: use of force, firearms training, critical incident management, table-top exercises, special weapons and tactics, and use of aircraft in direct support of ground operations and is a nationally recognized expert.

Mr. Rodriguez has been involved in and responded to many scenes where law enforcement officers have been required to respond to resistance. The high-profile nature of this work has led to extensive experience with use of force investigations, working with grand juries, and federal and state courts. His experience and a strong desire to pass along lessons learned to other law enforcement officers and security personnel make him a key asset.

Due to the notoriety of his work and in an effort to broaden the understanding of police procedures, Mr. Rodriguez has granted interviews to 60 Minutes II, the History Channel, A&E Channel, and others.  He has also served as a guest lecturer on Special Weapons and Tactics, Police Sniper Operations, Critical Incident Management, Airborne Law Enforcement Techniques, Tactical Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction, and continues to assist in training law enforcement and security organizations all over the world.