Special Mission Operations

Aerial Firefighting

  • Leader in Air Attack platforms.  Continuously operated an Air Attack aircraft on contract since 1996
  • Prime Contractor for the Colorado Department of Fire Prevention and Control’s Multi-Mission Aircraft program
  • The leader in Fire ISR, flying/mapping over 400 fires in the last 5 years

Special Mission Flight Operations

  • Proven performance in ISR operations in support of government clients
  • Experts in integrating cutting edge technology into airborne platforms
  • Experience working with multiple government organizations across a full spectrum of ops

Special Mission Aviation Training Support

  • Provides realistic training environments used by DoD and others, mirroring deployment sites
  • Obtained landing rights to several off-site locations that are available to users
  • Created operations and maintenance facilities to operate from
  • Hosted numerous special mission units from 2005 to present day

For over two decades Bode has been conducting a variety of Special Mission Aviation operations, both domestically and internationally. Bode offers a full range of special mission aviation activities, such as integration and operation of special mission payloads that are highly relevant to deployed ISR operations.

Our personnel have decades of experience with unparalleled success operating and maintaining aircraft in remote austere areas, conducting full spectrum C4IDM / ISR. We use the same operations and maintenance practices as with our 14 CFR Part 135 and 145 certificates for our special mission operations, ensuring the same exacting standards.